Recipes & Tips

Perfect Pasta

Perfect pasta, combined with the best from Leggo’s can make your favourite Italian dish sing. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Choose the right pasta for your sauce. A long noodle pasta like spaghetti goes well with a smooth sauce. A chunky sauce loves a pasta with nooks and crannies, to catch all the goodies.
  • Always use a large, deep pot and lots of water for a more consistent temperature.
  • Never add oil. This coats the pasta and makes it repel rather than absorb your sauce.
  • If you bought your pasta, cooking time is normally on the packaging. To be safe, start tasting your pasta early. If it’s still whitish inside, it’s not cooked. Because pasta continues cooking after you drain it, always take it off the heat sooner rather than later. Pouring a glass of cold water over your pasta while draining will help stop it cooking. It should be served ‘al dente’, which translated means ‘firm to the tooth’.
  • While draining your pasta you can keep some of the cooking water for your sauce. Cloudy but fine, the starchy water will help marry your pasta and sauce.
  • Don’t ‘over-sauce’ your pasta. Use just enough to cover the strands. It’s not all about the sauce. Well-cooked pasta should be a delight in itself.
  • Alternatively, purchase Leggo’s Fresh Pasta from the chilled section of the

Don’t take your cooking too seriously

At Leggo’s we understand enjoying a meal is far more important than how it’s created. Generous helpings of laughter and chat with family and friends make any Italian meal even more satisfying