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Leggo’s has a long heritage in teaching Australians how to cook Authentic Italian meals. With over 100 years experience, we continue to pass on our expertise with
easy to follow recipes and hints to give your cooking the best results.

We have released a collection of recipe books over the decades, each designed to discover traditional Italian favourites and inspire you to create new contemporary meal ideas. If you share our passion for cooking, you will find plenty of inspiration on the following pages - and inside every Leggo’s product.

Buon Appetito!

1975 – The Leggo’s Italian Cookbook

1982 - Leggo's Italian Cookbook

1992 - The Leggo's Authentico Italian Cookbook

1997 - Talking Italian Cookbook

2003 - Leggo's Golden Anniversary Cookbook

2011 - Cook Italian


2013 - Leggos Fast Italians Cook Book Volume 3

2013 - Leggos Loves Pizza Cook Book

2014 - Italian Recipes From The Heart